Short Modify

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Short Modify, Inc. has assisted through its principals numerous lenders, property owners, agents and investors in the intricate business of short sales, modifications, forbearances, deeds in lieu and other loss mitigation solutions.

We have helped property owners and lenders avoid the lengthy and costly process of foreclosure, the stressful act of eviction and the REO sale that follows.

We have developed a far-reaching network of contacts consisting of property owners, mortgage companies, banks and realtors. The strength of its experience, knowledge and relationships is invaluable.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale, also called “Short Pay” or “Pay Off”, is a transaction that allows for the sale of a property for an amount that is less than the amount that is owed to the lender. The bank in return may accept the proceeds as full settlement of the debt.

What is Necessary from a Successful Short Sale Negotiator?

• Sophisticated financial knowledge

• Understand the lender’s language

• Reliable – a company with name to protect

• Time, time and more time

• Accurate paperwork

• Experience

• Legal knowledge

• Negotiation skills

• Strong supportive administration

• Capability to handle high volume

• Legal reasonability

• Aiming for a Win/Win solution for all parties involved

• High success rate

• Strong relationships with lenders and familiarity with lenders’ language

• Avoid the time and frustration of tough negotiations with lenders

This is all we do!