Short Modify


You may be elgible to receive up to $30,000 to sell your home with $0 Commissions and a full deficiency release!!!!

Do you owe more on your property than its current Fair Market Value?

Is there little equity and it is not enough to cover the agent commission costs and closing costs?

Does the property need rehabilitation work on it before it will sell?

Do you have a current or upcoming hardship that will force you to default?

Have you missed some mortgage payments?

Are the banks calling you several times a day to collect on their loans?

Do you want to stay in your home but aren't sure if you can?

Do you want to avoid foreclosure?

If the answer is Yes to any of the above, then Short Modify can help you..

We understand that defaulting on your loan is not something that you want to happen. In most cases many people know when they will be heading into default or have already received a foreclosure notice from the bank. What you may not know is that you have options and you can take care of the problem BEFORE it hurts your credit.

At Short Modify we offer many options to homeowners and we have many resources that you can utilize to your specific needs. We understand that many people may be telling you that you MUST sell your home or that there is NO WAY to stop the coming foreclosure.
These are just a few of the lies that people may tell you when they see a profit for them in YOUR home.

We are here to give you options and to educate you on your RIGHTS. Whatever you decide is BEST FOR YOU, we will be there to help you.

What we can do for you:

We can negotiate short sales with the Lenders and receive a sufficient discounted amount on your loan so you can sell your property successfully and avoid foreclosure.

We have resources that will enable you to sell your home as a short sale OR if you would like to stay in your home we can negotiate with your lender to do a loan modification. Did you know that 98% of the people that do a workout option on their own end up back in default? With our experienced negotiators you can have someone on YOUR side fighting for what you NEED, not just what the bank will give you.

We have experienced negotiators who have relationships with all the lenders to handle all of the negotiations so you don't have to. We can have the Lender stop calling you and discontinue their harassing messages.

A foreclosure will stay on your credit for up to seven (7) years! Because of this negative report on your credit, it will make it difficult for you to get approved for credit in the future. By completing any kind of work out option with your lender you will eliminate the foreclosure from being reported on your credit.

What is the process?

We communicate with you through our no-obligation, free consultation call and determine if your situation is a candidate for a short sale or a work out option and which kind would BEST BENEFIT YOU.

We explain the whole process and answer all the questions you will have.

We contact the lenders and any other parties involved in your case.

We gather all the required information from you that is requested by your lender. (Note: each lender and work out option is different and unique.) What is requested by one lender is not what another lender may require. We will be thorough and supportive in helping you supply the needed information.

We generate a special set of documents to be enclosed in your file to support the case of your property.

We submit the work out package requested from the lender and start the negotiations with the lender.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders us for a FREE, no obligation
consultation. Be sure to ask us about how
we can do all this at NO CHARGE to you!!


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