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Do you want to help homeowners who are in trouble? Do you currently have an offer on a home that you are trying to negotiate with a bank? How many homeowners could you be helping if you did not have to spend your time sitting on hold and arguing home values and repairs with the bank's loss mitigator?

The banks hire their own negotiators to get them the most money possible...shouldn't you do the same? At ShortModify we only hire experienced negotiators who know all the ways to get the banks to accept offers well below what they would like.

You wouldn't go to court without a professional attorney fighting for your why not hire a professional negotiation firm to fight for your investment? We are honest and caring professionals who will take care of your deal, help answer any questions the homeowner may have, AND keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Did you know that a simple mistake on the Banks' Estimate Net Sheet can cost you the entire deal? DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!

We will check and double check all the documents prior to sending them to the banks so that your deal does not fall apart.

Let us free up your time starting today! You could double and even triple your income by hiring our firm to negotiate your call us today!


You Spend Your Valued Time Finding More
Investments. We handle the tedious details of
the lenders communication and negotiations.
We know your time is valuable. Let us help
you increase your earning potential!